My name is Jon. I’ve been dealing with Bipolar II disorder for probably my whole life – 38 years. I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve read a lot, and I hope to share all of that with others so they can find help when they need it.

Why 1000 Moods? My experience of Bipolar II has not been like the experience of being whipsawed back and forth. It’s more like standing on top of a table on top of a waterbed while someone is chucking different, always changing things at my face; someone else is flicking the lights on and off, and some other idiot keeps fiddling with the thermostat in the room. Maybe the gravity gets turned off too sometimes.

What I mean by that is that my sleep, mood, anxiety level, cognitive capacity, appetite, social life, interests, ability to work, and so on, can all change independently of one another, and in countless directions. Mathematically speaking, that’s a lot of different combinations, leading to a lot of different mood states.

If you feel this way and you have Bipolar II, welcome. If you don’t feel this way and you have Bipolar II, welcome. If you’re here for someone you care about, welcome to you too.